Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011

Hey thereeee... how are you? this week i am doing so much fun..
especially for my hobby, photography..
i join some competitions and be acquainted to some friends who are doing the same hobby as mine.
i find photography become more interesting then.. but i still wonder , why are there more boys than girls who like photography?
fiuh,, but i am lucky coz in that group of people , i found a chinese girl, she is older than me but she is friendly, we talked many about photography, about home, (also about love ) haha..
beside her, i also make friends with three other guys. they are also fun! ;D

em guys, now let me to write slightly about love.
i don't know how to share this with others so what i can do is just write it here..
i can't understand man's way of thinking nowadays. they are man but looks like  a boy playing a stupid game and just stop the game without neither good nor sad ending.
for me , girls are stupid for waiting, and it's not right if a girl do somekind like chasing.
but when a 'boy' make a chase, and you are trapped but he was just stopped there.
so, what does girl have to do?

and yeah, that's why some girls are afraid of being in love.

 Girls love their friendship , with boys and girls,
 there's no reason for being in relationship with her bestfriend. because u know, love is the reason for   beginning a new life and love could also be the reason to end the life of friendship.
  this time, i want to shout it out to someone. but i know i will never do, i will not hurt you, my friend...


in loneliness, staring at the raining grey cloud


this world i am living in


Please don't go..
is .. fighting
is .. searching
is .. smiling
is .. understanding
is .. loving
is .. practising
is .. missing
is .. waiting 
is .. creating


still sitting and reading?
Don't waste your time, guys!!

Senin, 25 Juli 2011

nobody knows

coming back to my lovely blog after no updating for a long time..

I spent many on my holiday .. 1 month staying in Jakarta , 5 days in Bali.. huahh.. i Love my Holiday..
staying one month in Jakarta pushed me to learn many things. learn about the lifestyle there,, learn how to deliver a baby (hahahaa,,, my auntie just having a new baby , a very cute oneee..! >.< thinking about her this time make me miss her face so much.. so cute u know,, a very innocent baby. ) i dont know why, but i love baby so much.. that's why i am thinking to be a doctor for children. i have discussed this with my bro , Erfan, in jakarta that time. and he preferred skin and beauty becoz people are going to be more concern about it. hmphhh.. im lucky coz i still have long time to decide.; then i learn many about how to be a good little sister. hoho. i have 3 brothers who care me a lot there.. Ernes, Erfan and Erick ..! i talked many with them, especially with my third bro, erick, we talked till 3 am in the morning at almost every night. hmphh.. i miss that moment now. haha
in Bali, i got a very great experience! my first time diving, oh god,, seems that it will be my other things to do in Bali next time. hihi. we saw a very beautiful view of the sea below. its amazing,!!
after that, we also go rafting , banana boat-ing, shopping.and now i become darker and darker.. haizzzz...

heh? stupid strange, i just received a call from my old junior in padang,she call me and just crying on the phone and continuously talked many about her boy friend. begh? i even didn't know who is her boy friend. why she suddenly call me and talked many to me? -.- weird!

okhey, back to topic,
oh yeah, about padang,
i also have a bit sad news from Padang .. my good friend, Dicky, got an accident about months ago and has been coma for a long time. something was wrong with his head and eyes. i keep asking why all of these happen to him? because for what i know, he was a very good man.. very kind and funny. he works a lot for Buddha Warman temple with all his heart. hmphh.. really, nobody knows what will happen. so guys, for everyone of you who read this, please pray for the best for him. saddhu! 0:)

By the way, i am now going on my progress in writing a book. something like novel, yeah, i hope this will go right this time. because in my experiences, i had thinking to write books for many times, but it was stucked in half way. hope i could finish it this time. yeah! FIGHT !

Sabtu, 09 Juli 2011


yeah,,, welcome to my blog and my new post. hoho
just for you to know, this is my second blog actually , but i got stuck in my first. And yesterday i decided to start my new second blog, and hope i can use it well.
err,, before i start my new one, i firstly want to say thank youu to my best friend, Meyin for motivating me to make a blog. haha.. if she read this, she must be big headed phew!
hahhahaa. peace!


okhey, that's it!
  and now,  we start
Eng Ing Enggggg...